Mandatory car insurance

Mandatory car insurance – is designed to protect unauthorized persons and compensate them for losses suffered as a result of the insured’s actions. In other words, the policy will not protect the car, but will protect the victim of an accident involving the driver.

All the essential conditions have already been determined by law, therefore, under the mandatory car insurance policy, it is impossible to receive more than the established amount.

Thus, it allows the insured for a small amount to compensate the damage suffered by 3 persons, not from his own pocket, but from the pocket of the insurance company.

On this point, the benefits of the policy may be at an end.

Voluntary car insurance. The policy can be obtained from the insurance company, after registration of the mandatory car insurance.

This type of transportation insurance is the most comprehensive. And a cash refund may in some cases be proportionate to the cost of the car itself.

You should understand that not all car accidents fall into the category of insured events. We will analyse in which situations the insurance will refuse to pay compensation :

Loss of additional equipment (tools, anti-theft tools) if they were not insured.
Loss/theft of registration marks.
Failure of parts / assemblies not due to an accident (e.g. water hammer).
Owner got drunk at the wheel and had an accident.
The policyholder intentionally damaged the car in the hope of receiving compensation.
The owner taught someone to drive or compete.
The owner fled the scene or refused to take a blood alcohol test.

In addition, the insurer has the right not to pay in whole or in part if the car was stolen or stolen due to the owner’s negligence (he did not lock the doors or windows, left the key in the public domain).

Damage caused to a car during military operations, terrorist attack and other similar situations will not be compensated.
Do I need insurance

If we’re talking about the mandatory car insurance policy, then without it, you can’t even get behind the wheel, let alone have to have a car inspected or registered. The policy should include everyone who will be acting as the driver of that car.

For the complete absence of insurance, there is an administrative liability. If the policy exists, but is not available at the time of the document check, the fine will be established.