Car insurance

Car insurance – what is it? Kinds and Features

Every car poses a danger to the owner, passengers or third parties. Therefore, states around the world have imposed on car owners the obligation to insure cars. The insurance policy is designed to protect only those around you who have suffered during the accident. To save the car itself, you will have to resort to voluntary insurance and buy an insurance policy. But even voluntary insurance will not cover losses in all cases.

Airplanes, ships, trains, cars are known to be sources of increased danger. The danger can have a considerable scale of spread, so there is a risk. The answer to any type of risk is insurance.

Car insurance is a type of property insurance designed to protect the owner of the vehicle, others, as well as the transport itself.

The following categories are important for transport insurance:

Policyholder – a legal entity or a natural person owning the transport.
The insurer is an insurance company.
Victim – the third person whose life / health / property has been affected.
Object – property interests of the owner and 3 persons.


The basic classification involves the division of car insurance into compulsory and voluntary.

The mandatory form traces the state’s command, designed to protect the entire process of vehicle operation.

The voluntary aspect aims to broaden the package of guarantees and opportunities.

Depending on the nature of the car, insurance is assigned:

Water transport (ships, liners, boats);
Air transport (airplanes / helicopters);
Land transport (rail transport, car).