Western General Insurance Plans Help Hard Luck Drivers

There are some auto insurance companies that provide coverage for motorists who have fallen on hard times and cannot get car insurance coverage from traditional automobile insurance firms that have reasonable rates on high limit car insurance plans. When it is hard to find not only a good deal on car insurance coverage but to get even the most basic of automobile insurance, companies like the Western General Insurance Co. can help insurance cars so people can drive legally.

Non standard car insurance plans offer the most basic of car insurance coverage for high rates in order to offset the high cost of insuring people who do not qualify for standard auto insurance plans and their much lower rates. When a car insurance company underwrites coverage for the owner of a vehicle, a large number of factors are taken into consideration, such as driving history, type of vehicle being insured, how long any existing auto insurance has been in effect and even credit scores in some states, among many other factors. And when a driver has not had continuous auto insurance coverage or might have a recent drunk driving conviction or some other factor that precludes them from buying more affordable coverage from traditional automobile insurance companies, a firm like the Western General Insurance Co. can offer high rate plans with low liability insurance limits so people can drive legally in their respective states.

When driving with non standard car insurance coverage, a driver has the least available amount of liability insurance coverage and most likely no comprehensive or collision insurance coverage for their vehicles due to the high cost and potential for total loss of a vehicle through an accident, theft or other event. When a car insurance company knows there is a high risk of a loss occurring, the cost is spread out among similar risks, which means people with non standard car insurance plans must pay the cost not only for their high priced car insurance plans but the high cost of paying for similar motorists to obtain car insurance coverage only to then get into an accident or suffer some other type of loss.

Underwriting standards tend to be pretty strict yet accurate, making it possible for an automobile insurance company to limit whom they choose to insure and how much they will charge when they do so. Each state has an insurance official and insurance department in charge of making sure fair and equitable car insurance rates are charged to make sure automobile insurance companies and others do not charge too much and make too much profit. It rates are determined to be too high, policyholders will be given a refund per state law.

So when looking for non standard car insurance coverage in one of the 16 states in which the Western General Insurance Co. provides coverage to risky drivers, there is at least one option for drivers to consider that can help them comply with their respective state car insurance laws and maintain at least a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage. By Mike Heuer