The General Insurance Offers Non Standard Auto Plans

The General Insurance is an agency based in Texas and doing business in Illinois and all other states and specializing in non standard car insurance plans. Drivers who have trouble finding standard car insurance plans, such as those sold by insurers like State Farm and Allstate, often cannot buy standard car insurance plans anywhere. But, non standard car insurance plans like those sold through The General offer standard liability insurance coverage so drivers can travel legally on state roadways.

Standard car insurance plans often include typical coverages like comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive protects a vehicle and its contents against a wide range of perils, from falling objects to theft to vandalism to the loss of personal belongings if someone should smash a window and steal the contents from the vehicle. Collision coverage insures against damages or injuries arising from a collision with another vehicle or object or a sudden vehicular upset, like might happen when taking a turn too fast and slipping on gravel, causing an accident.

Other standard car insurance plans include coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. Such coverage protects against motorists driving illegally with no insurance coverage or who have insufficient insurance coverage to cover the costs of a potential accident. In such instances, innocent motorists can be protected with uninsured and underinsured motorists insurance plans. But when carrying non standard car insurance plans, that kind of coverage is not available.

Most people who wind up needing non standard car insurance plans generally come from one of three backgrounds. They might not have had a vehicle recently and did not carry auto insurance coverage, which makes them high risk and disqualifies them from purchasing most types of standard car insurance. Another type of driver who needs non standard coverage are those with bad driving records, such as a motorist with a recent drunk driving conviction. It can take years to qualify for standard car insurance coverage after having a drunk driving conviction. And those with poor credit records also can be denied standard car insurance plans in some states but not in others.

States like California have made it illegal for insurance firms to base insurance premiums partly based on consumer credit scores. But many other states allow the use of consumer credit scores by firms like The General Insurance agency and others when determining auto insurance rates as well as rates on other coverages, such as homeowners insurance. While The General Insurance agency does not sell homeowners insurance, many other property and casualty insurance companies offer homeowners insurance plans as well as non standard car insurance, which can make it more affordable to obtain both coverages when combining plans with the same firm.

When customers can combine their home and auto insurance coverages with the same insurance company, it is possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home and auto insurance plans. That makes it a lot easier for even high risk drivers to obtain somewhat affordable car insurance as well as homeowners insurance. By Mike Heuer