Permanent General Insurance Plans Protect Many People

The Permanent General Insurance Co. is a non-standard auto insurance firm owned by the Permanent General Assurance Co., which in turn was bought by the American Family Insurance Co. in 2012. While American Family Insurance sells standard types of auto insurance coverage, such as full coverage car insurance plans, Permanent General sells non-standard auto insurance intended for motorists who generally cannot obtain car insurance coverage any other way.

Every state except New Hampshire requires motorists to carry copies of their car insurance plans with them to prove they have coverage. But with automobile insurance varying greatly in type and quality, it is very easy to get stuck with subpar policies. And some people find themselves in situations where they cannot buy standard auto insurance plans from any car insurance firm in the United States. In such a case, an auto insurance company like Permanent General Insurance can offer a non-standard car insurance plan at relatively affordable rates.

And the company was just bought by the American Family Insurance Co. of Madison, Wisc. So it has the financial backing to pay any potential claims. American Family bought the non-standard car insurance firm and its parent plus The General Insurance Co. for $239 million last year after obtaining regulatory approval from the appropriate state officials in charge of insurance regulation.
“American Family Insurance will grow by reaching out to customers in new states and new markets, and also by strengthening our appeal to customers in our existing states,” said Jack Salzwedel, American Family chairman and chief executive officer. “This acquisition expands our holdings to include a company with different capabilities that also operates in some states we don’t currently serve. It also provides American Family an opportunity to learn from a company with successful experience in direct insurance sales.”
When looking for non-standard car insurance, the Permanent General Insurance Co. is competitive with many others and can be a good way for someone who has a drunk driving conviction or other serious penalty to obtain the relatively low cost auto insurance plan they need to drive legally and have the peace of mind of knowing their vehicles are covered by a reputable insurance firm.

And with American Family now in control, there is another firm that can be useful when whatever situation has caused the need for non-standard car insurance coverage and not standard car insurance plans, which is required for financed vehicles and make sense for those who have a great deal of assets that could be imperiled after and car accident that injures or kills another or that results in a great deal of property damage and a costly legal battle lasting potentially years.

So when looking for non-standard auto insurance companies, Permanent General can be a good option for a lot of people who can’t get their car insurance coverage through other firms, like Farmers or Farm Bureau, for example. But there are firms that can give them the coverage they need to drive legally. By Mike Heuer