Lindsay General Insurance Offers A Variety Of Coverages

The Lindsay General Insurance Agency is based in Duluth, Georgia, and offers a variety of personal and commercial insurance plans from property and casualty insurance companies as well as life and health insurance companies licensed to do business in Georgia. The Peach State is one of the biggest in the United States in terms of auto insurance and homeowners insurance plans in force, and there are a great deal of insurance companies doing business there. Finding the right one can take some effort to ensure homes and families are protected against a wide variety of risks.

Georgia has a great deal of potential perils that can afflict homeowners and other property owners, ranging from hurricanes, wind and flood damage from massive Atlantic storms to wildfires to rockslides or landslide up in Georgia Hill Country. And tornadoes have been a terror across many parts of the state known for agriculture as well as seaside cities and the greater Atlanta area in the northern part of the Peach State. That means a good homeowners insurance plan is needed with a broad range of risk management and policy coverages.

And people with high value items need a good scheduled property insurance plan offering either replacement value, current value or agreed-to value coverage for their high dollar items. Replacement value coverage works well with high value items that can be replaced if lost due to a covered peril, such as theft. And current value coverage works well with high value items that might depreciate over time, such as costly tools. Having current value coverage means it is a bit more affordable than replacement value coverage, which does not take into consideration the impact of depreciation. Agreed-to value coverage is different and works best with items that cannot be replaced, such as rare artwork or highly specialized jewelry. In such instances, a total loss due to fire, for example, would result in a payout for the item that was destroyed.

While there are many types of homeowners insurance plans available through Lindsay General Insurance and others, a proper amount of liability insurance coverage is necessary to keep homeowners and other property owners secure against potential financial calamity arising from a costly lawsuit or other event. Most homeowners’ insurance plans come with some measure of liability insurance protection, but the amounts can be low and exhausted quickly during a legal battle. But an umbrella insurance plan can provide anywhere from about $1 million to $25 million or more. And that kind of protection can keep families secure and their homes in their possession if someone should be injured or killed on the insured property due to some unfortunate accident and a costly legal battle ensues, resulting in a large judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

But Lindsay General Insurance and other agencies can help Georgia homeowners get affordable coverage from the best property and casualty insurance companies as well as life insurance and health insurance from firms approved by state insurance officials. By Mike Heuer