El General Insurance Helps Keep Homes, Cars Protected

Whether living in Hispanic dense states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada or one of the many other states with large Hispanic populations, El General Insurance helps keep them insured so their homes and cars do not fall prey to perils that might damage or destroy them. El General has a variety of ways to obtain quotes, from using the phone to visiting a branch office to using the Internet with Web portals like this one utilizing free auto, home, life and health insurance calculators to obtain free estimates on high quality insurance plans.

Among home insurance plans available through the insurance firm is standard homeowners insurance coverage, which provides basic protections against potential perils like internal flooding, such as might be caused by a bad water heater, for example, damage or destruction from fire, or possibly even damage and loss from a home invasion. Standard homeowners insurance plans can be limited in coverage. For example, they do not cover external flooding, and losses caused by wind or hail damage also might not be covered. In many states, if you do not have an earthquake insurance rider, there is no coverage for that, either. And most people who have flood insurance to protect against rapidly rising rivers or a sudden storm surge get it through the National Flood Insurance Program partly controlled by the federal government.

But when additional coverage is needed to protect homes and assets, El General Insurance offers plans for that, too. Higher limits and broad-form coverages are available to protect against a wide range of potential risks, such as wind and hail damage and external flooding, for example. Higher policy limits also are available as well as scheduled coverage for high dollar items, like gold and silverware, jewelry, furs, costly artwork, musical instruments, audio and video gear and other costly personal effects. And an umbrella insurance plan can provide a high level of liability insurance coverage to protect against the possibility of someone being injured or killed on insured property, resulting in a high payout after a lengthy and costly court case.

El General Insurance also can help protect cars as well as homes with a variety of auto insurance plans to keep people driving legally and their finances protected should they wind up in an accident. Every state requires drivers to carry liability insurance coverage to protect against the costs of injuring one or more people in an accident or causing damage to other people’s properties. But some auto insurance firms do not like to provide coverage for high risk drivers, such as those with recent drunk driving convictions.

In such instances, non standard car insurance plans can give the basic liability car insurance coverage needed to drive legally without having to pay a great deal of cash. Once the driver proves to be reliable and no longer is deemed a high risk by the insurance companies, the more standard auto insurance plans can be bought, such as full coverage car insurance as required by lenders when financing the purchase of a new or used car, truck, van or other vehicle. By Mike Heuer