Direct General Insurance Covers Non-Traditional Drivers

There are a lot of auto insurance companies in the United States, and some of them specialize in providing car insurance for people with bad driving records and other factors that make it impossible for them to buy automobile insurance from traditional auto insurance firms. That is where companies like Direct General Insurance come into play.

Direct General was founded in 1991 and primarily does business in 13 states in the southeastern United States, where it sells non-standard auto insurance coverage to those who can’t get car insurance coverage from traditional auto insurance firms, like Allstate or AAA, for example. Non-standard car insurance generally is high in cost and low in coverage, which is why it is sold only to those who have the worst driving records, terrible credit scores or possibly have not maintained insurance coverage for at least six months.

Non-standard car insurance companies like Direct General insurance often provide car insurance plans offering only the state minimum liability insurance coverages needed to legally drive a car on state roads. And every state except New Hampshire requires all cars to be insured, so if you own a car but have a terrible driving record, such as a person with several drunk driving convictions, then it can be hard to buy car insurance coverage without the help of a non-standard auto insurance firm like Direct General insurance, which reported some $450 million in annual revenue during the past year.

Non-standard auto insurance almost never provides full coverage options, such as comprehensive or collision insurance plans, due in part to the fact the non-standard auto insurance plans already cost a great deal more than others, and most people who have such plans cannot afford full coverage insurance. Sometimes, a person will buy a used vehicle and finance it, which means it needs full coverage car insurance protection or the owner will be forced to pay for the high cost of asset protection insurance automatically being added to an existing car payment from the financial institution. And that kind of insurance is not legal for driving on state roads and highways. Yet, it costs as much if not more than even non-standard car insurance plans.

So when looking for non-standard auto insurance plans from firms like Direct General, it helps to shop online and get a great number of car insurance quotes using free online tools like a car insurance quote calculator. Such tools make it easier to find the best rates on even non-standard car insurance plans to keep vehicles and their owners protected as well as passengers and other people in other cars. While non-standard car insurance is a costly option, for many drivers and car owners, it is the only option for enabling them to abide by their respective state laws and carry a proper amount of car insurance to keep them and others protected against financial loss in the event of an accident. And with the right amount of car insurance coverage comes the peace of mind of knowing things will be handled if the worst should happen while out driving. By Mike Heuer