Colonial General Insurance Helps Keep Family Homes, Property Safe

The Colonial General Insurance Agency is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offers a variety of property and casualty insurance products for families and individuals. Agencies like Colonial General help insurance homes, autos and other property against loss and potential liability issues.

“Colonial General offers a variety of personal lines programs that can protect everything from your clients’ automobiles to their watercraft to their home,” according to Colonial General officials.

The agency specializes in home insurance and dwelling insurance coverages, particularly for second homes and vacation homes that often stay empty for weeks or months at a time. Properties like vacation homes and cabins need special protection, and Colonial General offers it for homeowners and others.

“Our dwelling coverage is written on a DP-1 or DP-3 form depending on the risk. We offer coverage under this program for one to four family dwellings, ranging from the very old or poorly maintained home, to the high value home in need of short-term coverage, pending sale,” according to Colonial General officials. “Coverage for vacant dwellings, homes in unprotected areas, short-term policies, seasonal-tenant, or owner occupancies are also offered. We also have a special program for monthly or weekly rentals of a dwelling available.”

Special scheduled coverages for high value items also is available on top of standard home insurance plans that protect personal belongings up to a low limit, such as $2,500 or so. But with high value items, greater coverage limits are available when using a scheduled coverage option.

“This program is designed for luxury homes $500,000 and over,” according to Colonial General Insurance officials. “Coverages include fine arts and jewelry, private passenger auto coverage, including expensive luxury vehicles and collector’s antique vehicles, excess as well as yacht and watercraft coverages are offered. This is the best protection available for your affluent client.”

While coverage is available for dwelling and high value items in them, so are standard homeowners insurance plans. Most often, such coverage is used for a typical family home.

“This program is for dwellings used as primary homes,” according to Colonial General officials. “The house should be one that would usually qualify for the standard market, but due to certain circumstances, such as losses or poor credit, it needs a carrier designed for such. Homes older than 30 years must have complete updates on roof, wiring, plumbing and heating.”

There are ample opportunities to obtain coverage for homes and other properties. When homeowners insurance plans are not enough to cover the potential costs of legal liability, an umbrella liability insurance plan can protect assets and secure family finances against the potential for a large legal settlement if costly property is damaged or destroyed or someone is injured or killed on the property being insured.

“Limits of $1 million to $20 million are available. Coverage is available for target risks, sport figures and nationally known individuals,” according to Colonial General Insurance. “This coverage can be written on a stand-alone basis. Underlying limits must be in place with A.M. Best rated company of B+ or better.”

With such options available, it should be easy to find a good plan with Colonial General and other insurance agencies. By Mike Heuer