Carnegie General Insurance Helps Families Protect Their Cars And Assets

The Carnegie General Insurance Co. is a specialist in auto insurance products with more than two decades of experience helping families and other customers keep their vehicles and lives protected while driving. It’s website indicates the insurance firm offers a range of insurance services, making it a single source for all insurance needs.

“Carnegie is dedicated to providing quality and innovative insurance products and services. Senior management averages over 23 years of experience in specialty auto operations,” company officials say. “Our experience includes the formation, ownership and operation of a general agency, claims administrator and insurance company.”

The firm is owned by a larger operation and does business in several western states. Its insurance products includes non standard auto insurance products sold to people who cannot get car insurance plans through other insurance firms. The need to have car insurance to drive legally means firms like Carnegie exist to help people drive legally in the several western states in which it does business.

“We operate as a unit of the Six Smith Family holding company and are currently licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington,” according to Carnegie officials. “Although we specialize in non-standard auto, we provide coverage for a full range of personal and commercial lines products such as commercial auto, motorcycle, sport utility vehicles, collector automobiles, homeowners, watercraft, manufactured home and renters.”

The insurance firm was founded in 1988 in California and has expanded since, moving into several neighboring western states. Company officials say the firm’s focus on service is a key ingredient to its success and growth during the past 25 years.

“Carnegie’s success is directly attributed to our focus on quality and service. In our over 24 year history, we have progressed into a general agency that manages all phases of the automobile insurance business including claims administration, product development and program analysis,” according to the company’s site. “With continuous focus on the ever-changing and diverse needs of our clients, Carnegie strives to provide the highest quality of customer service to its policyholders, producers and carriers.”

Among its many auto insurance carriers are the American Insurance Group, Century National Insurance, Nation Safe Drivers, National Unity Insurance, Topa Insurance, the Tower Insurance Group and the Western General Group. And the firm offers flexible payment options to help people insure their cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles so they can abide by state laws and protect their assets.

When families have the proper level of auto insurance coverage, they are protected against potential medical costs as well as legal liability from any damages or injuries caused by an accident involving their vehicles and in which they might be at fault. In such instances, the liability insurance coverage required by state laws often is not enough to pay the entire cost, but additional coverage can be had so family assets remain in family hands. And court costs won’t be a big concern since a good liability insurance plan will cover that as well. By Mike Heuer