Anchor General Insurance Sells Car Plans Arizona and California

The Anchor General Insurance Co. is an underwriter of non-standard auto insurance plans that often cover folks who can’t get car insurance coverage through other firms. Firms like Anchor General offer liability and property damage coverage and little else for those who have a hard time finding a car insurance firm that will deal with them and give them coverage so they can legally drive in Arizona and California. An affiliate firm offers similar auto insurance plans in Texas, and more states might be added soon.

Anchor General is based in San Diego in southern California and sells plans over the phone, online and at several storefront centers in the Southwest United States. That means some can go online and get a quote for a policy that offers only the most basic of liability and property damages coverage. Its car insurance plans are administered by a subsidiary car insurance agency also going by the Anchor General name, and the company provides only the most basic of car insurance liability and property insurance damage coverage and nothing else.

While standard car insurance companies sell more traditional auto insurance products, such as comprehensive coverage to protect against damages to the insured property from covered perils or others risks or collision to fix a car that has been in a wreck, non-standard insurance firms like Anchor General only sell the most basic of car insurance coverages to enable folks to drive legally in their respective states and not break the law. Each state except New Hampshire requires all motorists to drive in vehicles carrying a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage, such as bodily injury coverage to help pay medical costs if someone is inured in an accident or property damage coverage to help fix another vehicle or other property that is damaged in an accident.

The liability limits often are low, so if an accident happens, the driver or vehicle’s owner still might have a steep bill to pay if their liability coverage limits are too low to pay the cost of the damages or injuries. Many such liability insurance plans have low limits, such as $10,000 total or property damage and $15,000 total for bodily injury protection that pays the medical costs of others if injured in an accident. So most people who have financed cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles do not have non-standard car insurance plans, such as those sold by the Anchor General Insurance Co.

The types of car insurance plans firms like Anchor General Insurance will not underwrite includes uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage, which pays the costs of damages from accidents in which another vehicle was at fault but the owner either had no auto insurance coverage or not enough to cover the costs of injuries of damages inflicted during an accident. Nor can gap insurance coverage be purchased, which can offset the cost of totaling a vehicle and having a large sum of money owed on it due to the insurance coverage not being enough to cover the actual cost owed on the vehicle. By Mike Heuer