Allstar General Insurance Has Served Southern California Since 2008

The Allstar general ins. agency headquartered in Southern California first opened for business in 2008 and offers a wide range of personal and commercial insurance plans to protect a variety of personal and business interests. Its main offering is affordable auto insurance plans for people who have difficulty finding good rates for high risk drivers and others, and the agency is based in San Diego.

Upon opening, its main focus was to build a reputable brand while providing a good value on auto insurance and other products for new and returning customers.

“Our Allstar team is committed on building a reputable company that distributes auto insurance products, providing quality protection with value pricing and superior customer service to all of our customers,” company officials state on the firm’s website. “Allstar General Insurance Agency LLC is a Southern California based general insurance agency headquartered in San Diego that specializes in the private passenger auto market.”

Among types of auto insurance available to new customers and retuning policyholders is full coverage insurance protection, which is required by banks and other financial institutions when financing a new or used car purchase. Full coverage insurance is comprised of collision insurance, which protects against a collision with another object, such as a truck or utility pole, or sudden vehicular upset, such as when losing traction and suffering a minor accident. In such cases, the lenders are confident the vehicle will be repaired or replaced, which enables them to loan the money for the purchase in the first place. But when such insurance protection is not in place, lenders will add on their own collateral protection insurance, which typically costs about as much as full coverage auto insurance but does not enable the vehicle to legally travel state roadways.

General liability insurance coverage also can be bought through the agency to ensure vehicles meet the state minimum standards for auto insurance coverage needed to travel roadways. If a vehicle is not insured, the driver can face a steep fine and possibly have the vehicle impounded, costing a great deal of money to get out or risk losing it.

Although formed at a time when many insurance companies were struggling with financial difficulties, a highly experienced management team at Allstar General Insurance helped the fledgling insurance agency persevere, according to agency officials.
“All Star General Insurance was formed in 2007 by a management team of highly experienced and well respected auto Insurance executives that created a strategic alliance in order to establish better economies of scale and allow management teams from different organizations the opportunities to concentrate on core competencies,” company officials say on the insurance agency’s website. “The All Star General management team has a background and proven track record in operational development, management, underwriting, product development, sales and marketing specific to the automobile market in California.”
So motorists in Southern California and especially in the San Diego area can compare rates and find good deals on auto insurance and other plans through agencies like Allstar General, which specializes in personal auto insurance coverage for local residents. By Mike Heuer