Access General Insurance Protects Cars, Property

Access General Insurance is based in Atlanta and was founded in 1994. The firm sells a variety of property and casualty insurance products, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance and liability insurance coverages, and it is available in many states in the southeastern United States and other parts of the country.

Among auto insurance types available are collision and comprehensive insurance plans, which help give vehicles nearly full coverage protection against a variety of perils. Comprehensive insurance plans help protect against damages and losses caused by other things, such as theft, vandalism, a falling object, flood and other perils. Collision insurance protects against a collision with another object or a vehicular upset, such as when a car loses traction on rain slickened roadways and runs into a ditch. In such a situation, a good roadside service or car rental insurance plans also could help to get you back on the road in as little time as possible and for little cost.

Access General Insurance also offers general auto liability insurance plans to meet not only state minimums to drive legally but also to protect against the legal costs of inflicting damages to other people’s property or causing bodily harm. And insurance to protect against uninsured or underinsured motorists also can be had in case a vehicle is damaged or injury is inflicted by a motorist in a vehicle with either no insurance coverage or not enough to cover costs. In such a case, the insurance coverage would kick in and pay up to policy limits.

Home insurance is another type of property and casualty insurance Access offers. Home insurance plans can be had for single family homes, condos and rental units and that will help protect personal belongings and valuables. Some types of home insurance offer full replacement if the home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, such as fire or internal flooding. So called replacement value homeowners insurance plans typically are among the most expensive to carry and might have a high deductible amount to keep premiums as low as possible.

Other homeowners insurance types might offer a depreciated value for damaged or destroyed homes and property, but they tend to be more affordable. No matter the type, a good liability insurance plan also is necessary to protect against potential costs of someone being injured or killed on insured property or suffering a loss of some kind, such as when a tree limb falls on a parked car. In such a case, liability insurance can help protect the policyholder against the potentially high costs of legal proceedings and settlements.

Access General Insurance, like other insurers, offers plans online as well as over the phone and in person at various insurance outlets. But the best way to ensure the lowest price on quality insurance plans, whether for the auto or home, is to use a free online insurance tool to obtain several quotes, compare coverages and then choose which one is the best value. By Mike Heuer